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Roger Holm

To foreign or visiting pilots to Norway


Most relevant links​

CAA Norway

The VFR guide - Norway is a comprehensive guide issued by the Norwegian CAA that will answer most of your queries. More information is available on the Norwegian CAA's web page

Pilot store with maps and other hardware: and their email for potential requests is: -use their online shop or contact them by email or telephone +4723102930 for assistance.

Internet Pilot Planning Center is a fantastic tool for finding regulations, AIP, planning, weather and NOTAMs: -this website will describe local airfields that are not published in the Jeppesen manual. 


Frequently asked questions:

Border crossing/customs etc

As long as you file a flight plan and enter Norway from a Schengen country, you can enter and depart from airports with customs available at the time of arrival/departure. If you wish to enter Norway via local fields, there is a requirement that you forward a copy of your FPL to the Customs office. This can be done by email: fax: +4722860800, Tel: +4722860700, or by request via the NOTAM office Tel: +4764819000. Whichever option you choose, make sure it is done minimum 4 hrs prior to crossing the border. For more information study the VFR guide using the link above. 



Microlight airplane See page 5 i document 
Airfield hours of operation (flying during midnight sun) Can be found in the AIP available on IPPC, or in the Jeppesen manual.