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Arne Håkon Hillestad

Pre-European HG Championship - Arangoiti 2013

HP seksjonen fikk inn denne mailen:

We are proud to announce that for July 2014 we will be organizing the 19th FAI European Hang Gliding Championship in Arangoiti - Navarra - Spain, and therefore this year 2013 we are running the test event  - Pre-European HG championship in class 1

The dates for the Pre-Euros are in August, 2013 from 12th to the 18th both inclusive
The website that is holding all the information of the event is
This year we run and International Open, tagged as a category two event in the CIVL calendar, that is open to all pilots. 
The entries are already available at the web site in the Registration section.
I invite you all to join us at one of the best flying sites of Spain.
For any further detailed information please contact me.
Thanks in advance, best regards
José Manuel (Juaki) Sánchez García
Co-organizer of the Arangoiti 2014 HG European Championship in class 1