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George Lundberg

Det åpne tyske mesterskapet i presisjonsflyging

Onsdag, 22. august 2012 (Hele dagen) to Søndag, 26. august 2012 (Hele dagen)

Please find the official invitation for our "Open German Navigation Flying Championship" 2012.

The national rules and regulations are attached on this article. You will see a mix of Precision and Rally Flying rules. For this event we will make it as close as possible to Precision Flying rules.

The Championship will take place at the airfield Müncheberg / Eggersdorf (EDCE). The airfield is situated east of Berlin and can be found here:

Following dates are planed:
22.08.2012 Arrival and Opening Ceremony
23.08.2012 Official Training and Landing Test
24.08.2012 Navigation Test one and Opening Ceremony "Rund um Berlin"
25.08.2012 Navigation Test two and Price Giving, Closing Ceremony at the evening
26.08.2012 Departure

During this event (on Saturday) we will have the historical championship 100 years "Rund um Berlin". You will automatically participant of this championship.

I would appreciate if you can fill and return the preliminary entry form to by mail. Interested countries will be updated  with further details on a regular basis.

For any additional question please feel free to contact me.

With kind regards from Berlin
Ralf Grunwald